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  • Lost Gem of the Nagas

    Archeology meets mythology in this thrilling contemporary fantasy

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    When young Indian archaeologist Aditya Kamat unwittingly reads aloud an ancient mantra, he is plunged into an adventure that takes him across states, countries, and realms of existence to recover a mythical gem belonging to the snake people, the nagas. Accompanying him on his task is his Australian fellow archaeologist and Sanskrit scholar, Kayla Anderson. The two decipher clues, get trained to steal the precious stone back from mythical creatures, and adjust to life on a different plane of existence while dealing with astounding archeological discoveries and exploring their new-found friendship.

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    All those who enjoyed reading Lost Gem of the Nagas will be excited to know that I'm now working on the second book in the Archeology Series. You'll soon be able to join your favorite characters on another adventurous journey into the realm of the Demi Gods! Check back for updates!

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    "I write because it gives me joy."

    Amrita Rao is an artist, voracious reader, and storyteller. When not indulging in her passion for yoga and pranayam, she can be found devouring a wide genre of books from spiritual-philosophical to suspense-thriller; or traveling to places near and far. She loves all things mythology and firmly believes in planes of existence/dimensions of time where all manner of beings coexist in harmony... or in disharmony. She has a blog, where she posts pictures of her paintings - http://www.amritarao-artworks.blogspot.in In between all this, Amrita also finds time to be a full time teacher.

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    The nagamani (literally - gem of the Nagas) appears in the Indian literary epic, the Mahabharatha, after the culminating war that named the classic. The back story goes thus – Uloopi, a nagakanya (snakegirl) was the daughter of Kouravya, a snake king who ruled the underwater kingdom of serpents...
    MA4: Pushpak Vimana – a very ancient aircraft that was constructed by Vishwakarma, the architect of the Gods. It was given as a gift by the creator Brahma to Kubera, the God of Wealth. Ravana, the demon king of Lanka and Kubera’s half-brother, seized it. After Ravana was killed by Rama in battle,...
    When I started writing this book, I had a strong desire to include weapons/transport/shields/magical objects that were actually mentioned in the mythological and cultural tales of India. At first I did not know which to choose as there is no dearth of these in translations of ancient scriptures....
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    Lost Gem of the Nagas by Amrita Rao

    Lost Gem of the Nagas

    • Genre: Paranormal / Fantasy / Magical Realism
    • Language: English
    • ASIN: B076GM1K8D
    • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1549973452
    • Print Length: 238 pages

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